Interior design experiment, Construction

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All by intuition without thinking

Wimbledon Art Studios

As an interior designer who has studied interior design for seven years, I wanted to give myself a challenge and question. What will the physical interior design look like in the future? Is it still with certain functiona attributes? Or is it an antidote to the real-life aspirations of mankind?

So from 15th June to 10th July, I spent nearly a month reassembling the rubbish I collected on the road and brought it to the exhibition. It was built intuitively without any computer or drawings. I tried to bring a kind of fictional space atmosphere to the audience directly.

For me, this is just the beginning.//


于是,从 6 月 15 日到 7 月 10 日,我花了将近一个月的时间,把在路上捡到的垃圾重新组装起来,带到了展览现场。在没有任何电脑和图纸的情况下,我很直观地构建了这个作品。我试图将一种虚构的空间氛围直接带给观众。



Constructed from 16 June to 10 July︎

   the location and time of the "rubbish" collection. (The location and time of the "rubbish" collection.)

      (The CCTV footage of one month's construction.)


Exhibited from 13 to 16 July︎

      (The feedback from visitors at the exhibition on 13-16 July)

(All the graffiti was drawn by the audience)


Dismantled on the 17th of July︎