Spatial design,Curating & Graphic design

Big the pig

Yuliang Kang,Katerina,Jannie,Leo

Royal college of art

A spatially curated exhibition on the theme of a pig.

Inspired by katerina's Super Composite, we chose a high and narrow hallway as the venue. The five vital organs of the pig are scattered throughout the hallway, allowing visitors to walk from the bottom to the top to understand more about not only the pig's body, but also its life, and thus to think about the relationship between our daily food and the animals.//


我们的灵感来源于katerina的Super Composite,我们选择了一个高而窄的楼道作为场地。将猪身上重要的五个器官散落在整个楼道里,让参观者从下至上的游览不但更了解猪的身体特性,而且更了解猪的一生,从而去思考我们日常的食物与动物的关系。